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Drive in a Kentucky Union Environment

Castellini Company road drivers run an average of three runs/trips per week, and average about 55 hours per week—and they also work in a union environment. If you have your Class A CDL and are serious about what you do, we’d love to talk with you about working with our company. We have a lot to offer!
Castellini Company services customers within a 500-plus mile radius of our location in Wilder, KY. We are the Midwest’s largest supplier of fresh fruit and vegetables, and that’s something we are proud to share. It takes time and determination to build a business this big!
We are a wholesale produce supplier and deliver our products to other wholesalers in palletized quantities. That’s the main reason we have so many driving positions available. We are always in need of reliable professionals to drive our trucks to various locations within our system.
Our drivers utilize electronic logs and do runs legally; therefore, there will be runs in which a driver must be “laid over.” Drivers receive layover pay on any run that requires them to sleep in the truck. Most drivers, on average will have to layover 1-2 times per week. All the tractors in our fleet are no more than five years old, and each is equipped with a clean sleeper cab and APU. We do our best to make our drivers comfortable.

Wages and Compensation

Our starting wage is $19.25 per hour with time and a half after 40 hours. Scheduled increases put your base pay at $19.75 per hour after 90 days. In addition, drivers will receive “layover pay” of $50 for any run that requires them to sleep in the truck. We are also pleased to offer a full benefits package, including medical, dental, and a 401K program. We’re proud to be a Kentucky full-benefit employer.

We pay our drivers 40 hours per week as a guarantee, so long as they meet the availability requirements by accepting and returning phone calls. In addition to the guarantee, drivers meeting that standard will receive an additional $1.25 per hour. This will put your effective starting rate at $20.50 per hour.

First-year drivers averaged over $64,000 in 2017.

Additional Details

We understand that you probably have some questions about what working for our company looks like. Drivers can expect to do a minimum of at least one to two “layover runs” per week and more can be chosen by the driver if they are available. Our runs generally last one to two days and average about 18 paid hours per trip.

We dispatch on an on-call basis; drivers are called each evening around 5:00 pm for the dispatch of their load and to find out if their departure time is that night or the next morning. This is a 24/7 environment, so we are dispatching runs seven days per week. For those who don’t mind a bit of an unconventional workweek, this job can be a perfect fit.

Drivers at Castellini Company are members of Teamsters Local 114.

Contact Our Office Today to Apply!